Have your next family or milestone photos taken right in your own back (or front) yard! 

50% of your session fee will be donated to Gigi's Playhouse Chicago,

an organization who's goal is to create "awareness, education, and celebration of individuals with Down syndrome within the Chicago community." You can learn more about Gigi's Playhouse here.


Why "Front Porch" Sessions? 

We are living through an unprecedented time. The last several weeks and months have been a roller coaster of frightening, inspiring, frustrating, and, yes, even joyous times. We have been forced to slow down and focus on the epicenter of our worlds; home and family. As we move into phase 2 and slowly start to expand our circles I would like to help you capture your world and document this time in history. "Front Porch" sessions are the perfect way to get an updated family portrait in the location you have spent soooo much of your time lately, especially for those of our communities who are compromised and still not venturing out. As an added bonus 50% of your session fee will be donated to an amazing organization. 

How Does It Work?

"Porch Sessions" can take place on your front stoop or back porch; side yard or sidewalk. As long as you have room to show off your family dynamic and I can remain at least 6 feet away I can photograph you anywhere around your home, or even through the window! All social distancing protocols will be followed with plenty of masks and sanitizer on hand and absolutely no contact. I know we all may have been going stir crazy, but now that the weather is nice, this is your chance to show off what you've been doing at home for the past three months. Have fun or make a statement! Costumes, props, and food fights (kidding!...kinda) are absolutely encouraged and we can always get that more posed family photo out of the way first. Fill out the contact form below and we will get you set with a time and date. 


To book your session contact Abbey [email protected] and include the date and time you would like. Date and time preference is first come, first served. If you get 3 or more neighbors to participate, you each will receive $25 off your session fee!